8 Weeks of Accountability

Hi folks!

I have decided to hold myself accountable for the world to see. By the world, I mean the handful of people who actually follow this blog. I will post an online food and workout journal for the next 8 weeks. Not only does this keep me accountable, but it also gives some insight into how I eat and the types of workouts I do.

You may be surprised to see that I don’t “diet” in the sense that I don’t cut a lot of calories and I don’t cut out different food groups to reach a goal. Most days I “eat clean”, meaning I eat whole foods that are minimally processed. This is because I don’t like the idea of lab made foods, not because of a fitness goal. Some days I eat processed foods as well because I believe in having a balance. You will notice some days I may eat pescetarian (no meat other than fish/seafood), but also occasionally eat vegetarian or vegan: once again this is just my lifestyle, not due to any specific fitness goal.

My workout routine is mainly weight lifting and high intensity cardio. Sometimes I follow a routine, sometimes I do what I feel like doing. Some days I go hard, some days I don’t. Some days I’ll do two workouts in a day if I feel like it! I also build 1-2 rest days per week into my routine.

DISCLAIMER: This is just me sharing what I’ll be doing over these 8 weeks. This is by no means telling you what to eat or what workouts to do. I am using my own research and studies to build a plan for myself. Though I will provide information on why I make certain decisions, each individual has to tweak their food and workout routine according to their body and goals.