Personal Training

My personal training focuses on lifestyle changes rather than temporary restrictive diets and extreme workouts.
Training comes with two major components: nutritional coaching and a workout routine. I offer both online and in-person training.
Nutritional Coaching
With the nutritional coaching you get the following:
  • Recommended calories and protein based on your goals and activity level.
  • Guidelines on fitting nutrition into your lifestyle, including at restaurants, vacations, and holidays
Workout Routine
With the workout routine you get the following:
  • A weekly routine tailored to your specific goals, lifestyle, and schedule.
  • With each routine I will provide information on how to perform the exercise and also let you know the reason these exercises were chosen.
  • I offer real time support even if you are a remote client. I will use video to check form, and communicate mainly through text, phone, and email when necessary.
Services And Rates: