The Oma Challenge: Jamila (March 3-31, 2013)

Meet Jamila! She is sharing her experiences on The Oma Challenge!


Instagram: @jamilajoy

Jamila is a singer and actor in New York City. Her hobbies include cooking, running, hiking, anything fitness related, playing guitar/piano, dancing, and playing cards. She has a boyfriend of two years. This is Jamila’s second time doing the challenge. She says of joining the challenge:
I love challenges! They get me excited about eating healthy and exercising! And the support system really helps with pushing myself to meet my goals!

All italicized words are hers, and she has agreed to be completely honest about her experiences. Read along as she completes the challenge!

Week 1
I knew this week was not going to be my best week. It was my boyfriend’s birthday where we basically celebrated the entire week.
I went in with the mindset that I will be a little more lenient with the whole “no white sugar/carbs” part, but I do feel like I was a little too lenient. I learned that if I went into this week with a mindset that I would have only 1 cheat meal, I know that I would have had the same amount of fun with even better results.
On my fitness journey, my biggest struggle has been consistency. Finding a balance of diet, exercise, and enjoying both without putting too many restrictions on myself has been extremely tough.
I know what I need to do to get the results I need, but I’m also a person who grew up enjoying the food that I eat and trying all different types. I tried cooking without salt and only  Ms. Dash and eating only egg whites which got me results fast, but I felt sluggish and extremely irritated all the time. I hated how I felt and then when the weekend came up I would splurge. This is NOT the way to go!
This week I definitely could have made better choices without sacrificing any of my fun or enjoyment. I did plan some of my meals and prepared healthy snacks, but I didn’t stick to them like I could have. This next week will be different! I am going in with a different mindset. My goals are going to fuel my mind and body!
Burning calories at the hotel gym

Burning calories at the hotel gym

Week 2

Week 2 was much better than Week 1.  I started doing Insanity.  I’ve tried starting this program before and felt much more confident going into it this time.  My only problem with it is I don’t burn as many calories as I feel I should. It might just be my heart rate monitor, but I’ve decided to incorporate it with my usual workouts.

My eating was much better, although I still overindulged a little more than I wanted to. I’m slowly finding the balance between discipline and living my life freely. I ate a lot more fruits and vegetables and kept track of 70% of my food intake.  I still need to be more conscious of my water.  I think I’m going to start filling up a gallon jug and making sure I finish it before bed. 

Just finished Insanity!

Just finished Insanity!

Week 3

Week three was awesome! I got my 8 hours of sleep 7 nights of the week!

I only had one cheat meal and ate A LOT of fruits and veggies 🙂 I only worked out 4 days a week, but I went really hard on those 4 days.

I felt so much better this week and I was really proud of sticking to my diet. I felt less bloated and less weighed down. I’m planning on dominating the last week! LETS GO!

Colorful breakfast, delicious and clean!

Colorful breakfast, delicious and clean!

Week 4

The Final week was GREAT….up until Easter! My family came up for their Spring Break and my family loves to EAT! We went out for Chinese dim sum, which I made my cheat meal for the week, but I did indulge in Easter candy over the weekend.  Over all it was a pretty good week.  I worked out 5 days and drank A LOT of water!  I got plenty of sleep and incorporated a couple green smoothies as well to make sure I got all my fruits and veggies in.  I didn’t really lose or gain weight, but I did lose a half an inch here and quarter inch there which is awesome!

I feel great and I’m going to keep up the Oma Challenge for the next round!  I can only improve from here.

Jamila lost a quarter inch from her waist, 0.5 from her thighs, and one inch from the chest.


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