Tips for a Nutrition Friendly Barbecue

Grilled-Barbecue-Chicken-Barbecues are a great chance to have fun with friends and family, but often people feel guilty afterwards for overeating. There’s so much temptation! Don’t feel like you can’t stay on target even at a barbecue! I found this great set of tips for having a healthy barbecue:
In addition to those awesome tips I will add:
1. If you’re watching your calories and macros, logging what you eat will help you stay accountable – it only takes a few seconds and can be done from your phone with or

2. The link says to avoid snack foods like chips and such, but what I would say is that if you really want something along these lines, just try to choose wisely. Just like I’d recommend with holidays (or any day really) – try to choose one splurge like a small dessert, alcoholic beverage, or snack food like chips if you have a limited amount of calories to work with and make sure you log it for accountability

3. This link is helpful when figuring out portion sizes on the go:

Remember – we are practicing moderation, not restriction! The longer you restrict, the more you may crave something and that could lead to binging. You also don’t want to fear being out in public because you “can’t” have something. Instead we can think of it as “I can have this, but I only want the amount that won’t prevent me from reaching my goals”.

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Have a healthy barbecue!
– Monica